About Us


BrainTree is a family-owned and family-run business dedicated to the enduring vision of two people determined to harness their expertise from years in the diamond-jewelry industry to help businesses overcome the growing operational inefficiencies they had witnessed first-hand. Suresh Somani and his life partner, Anjula Maheshwari, took a leap of faith in pursuit of superior software tools to that which the industry had been able to cultivate, and joined their skills and expertise to develop a sharpened, more capable ERP, EasySoft, as the founding product of BrainTree.

Since then, BrainTree has come far. Our services have steadily expanded to include nearly all aspects of operations management that allow businesses to streamline activities and target organizational efforts toward their principal function. In Web Branding and Online Office, we further the resolve of Suresh and Anjula to making businesses more efficient. That effort is ever ongoing. And while Suresh tragically passed away in 2010, his spirit lives on with all of us as Anjula now spearheads their collective vision as President and CEO of BrainTree.


Managing a business is hard work. And as your business grows, you risk losing track of what matters most. What got you into business in the first place. Your customers. Your product, and its ongoing development. By efficiently managing tasks entrusted to us, we’re passionate about giving you back control.
This is what we believe in.

To lead requires strength, sacrifice and working independently as part of a team. We encourage a community of minds sharing ideas as they innovate towards progress

Business is about business. We’re dedicated to providing the means to rigorously aligning resource allocation with strategic goals by allowing clients to focus on their core mission

Businesses run on analytics. Decisions are informed by actionable data and we let clients interact with their businesses by providing learning tools for decision-making

Streamlining is our core mission. Waste processes are costly in unrealized gains and with greater competition and decreasing margins businesses must optimize to stay ahead

Our clients are strong leaders and we learn from the best. We’re committed to leading the way toward strategic growth in mutually beneficial partnerships

New ideas push the boundaries of what’s possible. We incessantly strive to be an industry leader in everything we do to always be at the forefront of what our clients need

We embrace the challenge that every business is unique. Products and services must adapt accordingly and tailored solutions have always been part of who we are

A strong brand presence demands creativity! We thrive on opportunities that challenge our ability to build brands by breaking down the barriers of conventional thought


At BrainTree, we want to be the partner you trust to spearhead the peripheral tasks of business. We want you to focus on what you do best by streamlining processes for growth and driving the management of your core business back where it belongs: With you


That every business is free to devote itself to its core mission


Since the early beginning, we have come far and today we serve more than 100 customers from all around the world
As BrainTree continues to grow, we launch new divisions in Brand Development and Online Office
Anjula Maheshwari, our co-founder and life partner of Suresh Somani, takes the reigns and leads us as President & CEO of BrainTree
We are faced with the devastating loss of our CEO,
Suresh Somani in a road accident in 2010

Our name changed from Fintech Solutions
Pvt. Ltd. to BrainTree PRODUCTS with advisory services.

We expanded in 2002 and captured two more
office areas with approx 12 employees

We started in just a single room with two employees under the direction of Suresh Somani and Anjula Maheshwari

Our company was first established in 2000 as